Front Entrance

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Front Entrance

Though it has the look of a normal office building, the new Cisco data center was built to withstand tornado winds up to 175 mph.

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Aerial Viewt

A topside shot of the data center. At the top of the photo is a lagoon designed to capture rainwater, which is used to irrigate the indigenous, drought-resistant landscape plants.

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Production Data Hall

The production data hall is only partially filled, allowing for future expansion. Among the Cisco solutions showcased in the data center are the UCS, Nexus 7000 and Nexus 5000 switches, Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch, MDS storage networking switches, Data Center Network Manager and NX-OS operating system.

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Cage Doors

The data center equipment is secured in a "caged" environment, with access limited to authorized personnel only.

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Ciscos Unified Computing System is among the vendors technology that is showcased in the new data center.

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Nexus 5000

The Nexus 5000 switch is used to connect computer equipment to Cisco networks.

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MDS 9500

Ciscos MDS 9500 storage director is used to manage the SAN (storage-area network) environment.

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Above the Cabinets

This is the "above cabinet" cabling, power and air-grid. Traditionally, these components are found under a raised access floor. In Ciscos data center, the cabling and power are placed above the cabinets.

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Air Flow

Heres another view of the cabling above the cabinets and the air-grid. Hot air from the cabinets flows upward in chimneys, while cooler air flows downward.

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Chiller System

The chiller system is used to create chilled air for cooling the data center equipment. The air-cooling system can use filtered outside air up to 75 degrees, without the need to chill it. Above 75 degrees, chilled air is mixed in to bring the temperature down.

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Water Pumps

The pumps in this room move chilled water for cooling. Cisco officials estimate that the data center can use unchilled air 65 percent of the time, saving an expected $600,000 per year in cooling costs.

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Patch Panel

The Patch Panel is used to connect the data center components using fiber-cabling systems.

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UPS Room

In the uninterruptable power supply room in Ciscos 5-megawatt data center are the electrical equipment and systems that comprise the UPS.

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Dynamic Rotary Flywheel

This is a front view of the dynamic rotary flywheel in the UPS room. The rotary flywheels require little energy to continue in motion and start the diesel generators if there is power loss.

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This is the exterior view of back-up public water, chilled water and reserve diesel fuel used to back up the primary systems in the event of failure.

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Solar Panels

On the roof of the data center are photovoltaic solar panels, which capture sunlight and generate electricity for the office spaces. The solar cells generate 100 kilowatts of power.

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Monitoring Room

Data center administrators can monitor and manage the facility from this room.

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