Geekspeak: January 14, 2002

Remote control ware gets serious.

Remote control software, still the wallflower of the IT help desk, is rapidly gaining functionality, as I saw in tests of CrossTecs $179 NetOp Remote Control 7.0, released late last year. I was able to remotely control Red Hat Linux systems from the same console that I used to take over a variety of Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP systems. Setting up and configuring the system was simply a matter of adding clients to the phone book.

I was impressed by the security features of NetOp Remote Control. I used the security gateway to govern which consoles were able to take over my machines. In addition, although the capability isnt new, NetOp makes extensive use of password controls on the remotely controlled systems so that IT managers can have a greater degree of assurance that the right people are using the package.

NetOp can be downloaded for a trial run.