Huawei Unveils ICT Nation as Part of US Enterprise Push - Page 2

It was later clarified that Xu's comments were targeted at the carrier market. The company still sees tremendous opportunity in the U.S. enterprise market, and Li said Huawei's U.S. unit will be focused on extolling the advantages of its products and "won't be distracted by noises being generated from other markets and Capitol Hill, etc."

"There is a big window [of opportunity] for Huawei in the U.S.," she said. "Companies are looking for true options in networking that they have not had in years."

ICT Nation and the company's efforts at Interop are part of Huawei's strategy for raising its profile in the industry by being more transparent in its product and go-to-market plans, Li said. "We in the past have not spent enough time getting the message out," she said.

Another opportunity will come later this month when Huawei Enterprise USA hosts its first U.S. summit in Cupertino, Calif.

The enterprise business will be a driver for Huawei globally going forward, Forrester Research analyst Dan Bieler wrote in a May 7 post on the firm's blog, where he also noted that Huawei officials had reduced their enterprise revenue expectations from $15 billion to $10 billion by 2017.

"Cloud infrastructure, including storage, and VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure], form the focus of Huawei's network activities," Bieler wrote, adding that the company needs to improve its services capabilities and offer more reference architectures and applications that are specific to particular verticals. "Meanwhile, the U.S. remains a challenged market for Huawei. Better transparency and governance will help Huawei to penetrate the U.S. market. But we believe old-fashioned capitalism is key: if Huawei has better solutions at better prices, it will overcome many political and security concerns that enterprise customers might have."

Among the announcements Huawei made at Interop was the unveiling of the high-performance CloudEngine 12816 switch, which offers 64 terabits-per-second switching capacity. It also offers power efficiency of 96 percent, according to the company.