Intel Core i7 Processor Pops Up in SMB Server

Intel's new line of processors, the Core i7 family, are the first Intel processors released using the architecture code-named Nehalem. One company has already begun selling a server built around the Core i7 processor.

Chip giant Intel's Core i7 processors, based on the updated "Nehalem" microarchitecture, launched in November. Intel says it is planning to roll out other processors that will address the needs of small and midsize business buyers. Early in 2009, Intel is planning to introduce another round of processors for workstations and dual-socket processors, but one Boulder-based SMB IT supplier is already offering a server built around the Core i7 processor.
Visionman, a subsidiary of Silicon Mountain Holdings, announced the release of its Acserva-brand ViXone7 family of servers, the first to support Intel's new chip architecture. The Acserva ViXone7 servers will reintroduce hyper-threading, a technology which allows each core to process two threads simultaneously. As a result, Windows and Linux operating systems will actually read eight cores from the four physical CPU cores.

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The Visionman Core i7 servers are also the first in the industry to offer triple-channel memory support. Memory modules are installed in banks of three, greatly increasing throughput and efficiency on the faster QuickPath Interconnect, delivering an impressive 4.8 gigatransfers per second to the CPU.
Intel is offering three chip versions in new line of processors, the Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition (3.2GHz), the Core i7-940 (2.93GHz) and the Core i7-920 (2.66GHz), all built on Intel's 45-nanometer manufacturing process. Each processor has four processing cores, with each core supporting two instructional threads, and all four cores share 8MB of Level 3 cache.
Visionman has set prices starting at $1799.99, with the new series of servers aimed directly at the SMB market. The company is offering a variety of form factors, from 1U (1.75-inch) rack-mounted to tower server-based. All server models are also available with optional remote management capabilities, along with an SAS-based storage system allowing 24/7 use. For customized solutions, Visionman can build any of its Acserva Core i7-based servers to the customer's specifications.
"Visionman is proud to bring the first Acserva Core i7 servers to market, a full quarter ahead of the mainstream Intel launch," said Silicon Mountain Holdings president and CEO Tre Cates. "Visionman will continue to innovate by delivering solutions ahead of the market, allowing our customers to become more efficient and productive in their chosen industries, ahead of their competition."