Intel, HP, Microsoft on Display at National Retail Federation Show

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Intel, HP, Microsoft on Display at National Retail Federation Show

by Scott Ferguson

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Intel and Adidas Offer Virtual Shoes

Here, Intel and Adidas show off how companies can use silicon technology, touch-screens and analytics to create a virtual shopping environment. This in-store display has the potential to offer customers a look at thousands of Adidas shoes. On the back end, the display is tied into the stores CRM infrastructure.

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Anonymous Video Analytics

These two cameras sit on top of a display and can tell if a customer is a man or woman and approximately how old they are. This Intel technology is called anonymous video analytics, and its moving from the lab and into the real world soon.

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Intel vPro in Retail

In addition to its chips and software, Intel showed off how its vPro technology, originally designed for corporate desktops and laptops, can control a wide range of devices, including point-of-sale machines. Inside its booth at the NRF show, Intel controlled several devices from this display.

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Microsoft Surface

Microsofts Surface tabletop PC offers retail stores many different ways to interact with consumers. Heres an example of a first-generation Surface computer running an application developed by CSG Systems. Microsoft introduced a new Surface computer at CES 2011.

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HP POS and Software

Many of the tech vendors at the NRF expo showed off POS machines and software. Here, an HP POS machine is equipped with software that tracks inventory and other metrics from a centralized display.

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HP Slate 500 with Windows 7

Mobility is another trend within retail, and many tech companies are offering tablets as a more efficient way for employees to work and interact with customers. Here, HP is offering its Slate 500 tablet, which runs Microsofts Windows 7, as a handy retail tool.

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Dell and Retail

At the NRF expo, Dell offered not only retail equipment and software, but a list of different IT services it could provide to smaller retail stores. Dell and many other companies want to position themselves as complete shops for retail-store owners.

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IP Video for Security

Security is a huge headache for many retail chains and mom-and-pop stores. Here, Dell offers its security technology for retailers, which includes IP-based video surveillance.

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