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5. A summer launch is only good in July

Apple would have made a mistake by launching the iPhone 5 in any other summer month but July. Historically, August is a tough month for handset sales, and Apple knows it. That€™s why the company has stayed away from August launches with the iPhone €“ and why it€™ll do it again this year.

6. Let the rumor mill keep it up

The rumor mill has historically been one of Apple€™s most trusted allies. The longer it works, the more hype that€™s built up around Apple€™s products. Rather than launch the iPhone 5 now and cut that off, Apple can keep the rumor mill churning out reports. It€™s free advertising for a device that doesn€™t even exist yet.

7. Less competition

Apple will find that there€™s far less competition in the marketplace in September than right now. Aside from the Galaxy S III, a host of companies are delivering new devices to store shelves over the summer. By distancing its own handset from the competition, Apple can allow that wave to pass by before offering up its own alternative.

8. Don€™t get caught up in Windows 8

9. It puts space between itself and an iPad Mini launch

According to reports, Apple plans to launch what the rumor mill calls iPad Mini at some point this year. Most of the rumors suggest Apple will offer up the device in December. If Apple waits any longer than September to launch the iPhone 5, it could cannibalize iPad Mini sales. But with a September launch, Apple can provide enough space between the devices to ensure success for both.

10. It matches up with iOS 6, OS X Facebook integration

Apple announced iOS 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, but said that it won€™t launch the platform until the fall. Chances are, iOS 6, along with OS X€™s Facebook integration, won€™t be available until the iPhone 5 launches. So, it would only make sense for Apple to wait until the first possible moment in the fall to launch its device. The one-two punch of iOS 6 and a new iPhone will ensure that quarter belongs to Apple.

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