Kaseya Supports Plug-Ins for Third-Party Vendors

A technology alliance program makes it easier for MSPs to plug in services.

MSP platform provider Kaseya has launched a technology alliance program to create better integration between its own technology and that of other vendors its partners may use.

To further that end, Kaseya has released APIs, set to begin a 90-day beta period in July, for partners to write to. Kaseya said the new technology alliance program includes a comprehensive development environment, technical support and support for sales and marketing.

Kaseya is launching the program with three partners, Autotask, Tigerpaw Software and Catbird Networks. The first two vendors offer PSA (professional service automation) tools, while Catbird offers security as a managed service. Kaseya chose these initial technology partners by looking at the other vendors its managed services provider partners were using.

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"We think there is a lot of value and synergy in extending the capability of what services can be delivered," said Dan Shapero, senior vice president of marketing for Kaseya, headquartered in Jersey, the Channel Islands.

The new program represents a strategic approach to working with other vendors, he added.

"Rather than doing one-off relationships with one or another vendor, we decided wed come up with a standardized approach," he said. "Now we will have a standard way of working with all these vendor partners that includes supportable integration in a programmatic and systematic way."

Kaseya said it is also looking to work with other vendors as well.

"There are just lots of possibilities with lots of different vendors," Shapero said.

Distributor Tech Data recently announced plans to create an architecture around its new MSP platform to enable vendors to easily offer their services to MSPs.

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