Linksys Delivers the Power of One

The WAPPOE12 brings Power over Ethernet capabilities to Linksys equipment that requires a little more juice.

Power over Ethernet is often best delivered en masse, with high-port-density switches or power injectors delivering power and the network to numerous devices simultaneously. But sometimes, at small remote locations (or my house), Ive needed to power just a single device, which is why Linksys 12-volt WAPPOE12 POE Adapter Kit is so handy.

While Linksys has been shipping a 5-volt POE kit for more than a year, the WAPPOE12, which started shipping last month for $50, brings POE capabilities to Linksys equipment that requires a little more juice, such as the BEFSX41 Router/VPN or many of the companys IEEE 802.11g-compliant access points and routers.

Because Linksys devices dont support in-line power, the WAPPOE12 includes a splitter that attaches directly to the access point. The splitter divides the power and network signals into separate cables that each attach to the access point.

Companies using non-Linksys access points will find that the WAPPOE12 is IEEE 802.3af-compliant and will, therefore, support in-line power to many devices from other vendors. The WAPPOE12 powered my enterprise-class access points from Cisco, Symbol and Proxim without a hitch. For more information, check


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