Napatech NT20E Network Adapter Offers Full 10G-BPS Throughput

Napatech is demonstrating its NT20E In-Line Adapter that officials say gives users full 10G-bps in-line analysis and transmission of network traffic throughput with no packet loss, an important capability for enterprise networks that are under pressure to offer 10G-bps throughput due to increased user demand for such applications as video, voice and Web 2.0 workloads. Napatech officials demonstrating the NT20E at Interop said there are other network adapters offering 10G-bps ports, but they work most effectively with traffic that comes in at less than 5G bps.

Napatech is unveiling an in-line network adapter that it says will let users better monitor and analyze the increasingly important 10G-bps traffic running over the network.

Napatech is demonstrating the NT20E In-Line Adapter at the Interop show in Las Vegas, which is running May 17 to 21.

According to officials with Napatech, the NT20E, a PCI Express network adapter, provides genuine 10G-bps in-line analysis and transmission of network traffic with no packet loss. Napatech already offers products that enable full line-rate capture and real-time analysis at 10G bps, said Napatech President Erik Norup.

"With the NT20E ... we are now extending this capability and our rich feature set to in-line applications which require both full line-rate reception and transmission at 10G bps," Norup said in a statement. "This is important for many network appliance applications, which are having difficulty operating at full line rate without losing packets."

Napatech said standard network adapters also offer 10G-bps ports, though they operate more effectively when the amount of data moving through the pipes is less than 5G bps. The NT20E offers full 10G-bps throughput, officials said.

Enterprise networks are moving toward 10G bps as users demand more bandwidth to cope with such applications as video, voice and Web 2.0 workloads.

Napatech officials said in addition to full throughput, their network adapters also include such features as the ability to offload data traffic processing from the server CPU, and can intelligently distribute traffic processing on multiple CPU cores.

The Napatech officials said the NT20E is aimed at OEMs that make network appliances for performing monitoring, network test and security, financial trading, and policy enforcement.