Omniture Announces Omniture Online Marketing Suite

Omniture, which creates online business optimization software, releases a suite of applications designed to allow sales teams to more efficiently interact with customers - and save marketing dollars while doing so. The enterprise has been increasingly focused on apps that allow for more granular analysis and decision making, in keeping with the need to save money in today's economy.

Omniture, which provides on-demand Web analytics and online business optimization services, has announced the release of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite, designed to allow sales teams and marketers to more effectively utilize their customer data to make sales.
The application suite, whose products can be used individually or in customized combination, builds on several strategic acquisitions and newly developed solutions by Omniture.
Applications include Visitor Acquisition Applications, meant to streamline customer acquisition; Conversion Applications, which allow marketers to test key messages, target customer segments and analyze customers' behavioral data to better leverage their merchandising strategies; Online Analytics Applications, useful in consolidating data about customer interactions; and Multi-Channel Analytics Applications, which allow data consolidation across all customer touch points.
The company's ultimate goal is to optimize marketers' and sales teams' interactions with customers, boosting the efficiency of marketing dollars.
"The Suite further illustrates our transition from a Web analytics company to an optimization company," Josh James, CEO and co-founder of Omniture, said in a statement. "We have been executing on this strategy for the past several years, making strategic acquisitions, developing products and forming the partnerships needed to bring it all together to help marketers optimize ad spend and conversion."