Road to the Super Bowl: Inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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Road to the Super Bowl: Inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium

by Darryl K. Taft

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Cowboys Stadium

A view of Cowboys Stadium, home of this years Super Bowl, from a passing bus.

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The JumboTron

A close-up of the 60-yard JumboTron that hangs above the field.

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End Zone Screen

For those few fans who dont have a good view of the JumboTron, they can see the action on one of the end zone screens.

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New Looks

The Cowboys keep several rolls of turf to give the field a different look depending on what event is going on. They can support NFL games, NCAA football games, high school games and multi-purpose field games, such as soccer. This weekend, they field will show off the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

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This is an on-turf view of the center of the 50-yard line, where the Cowboys star logo typically resides.

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Can You Make It?

This is a view of the end zone from the center of the 30-yard line. Can you make that field goal?

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From the Field

Who needs a Sky Box when you can have a VIP box right at the turf level to watch the game?

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The Stands

A view of the stands from down on the turf. In view are some of the Cowboys stars who have had their jerseys retired, like Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

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SRO Party Animals

This shot shows where those attendees with SRO Party Passes get to watch the game and have a good time.

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The Press Conference Room

This is where, win or lose, the Cowboys players and coaches come to answer those hard questions from the press.

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Jerry Jones

Owner Jerry Jones poses with three Lombardi NFL Championship trophies his Cowboys have won during his tenure.

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Winning Tradition

The display just inside the Cowboys locker room shows the team's history of winning. Win they did, though not in the 2010 season. They hope that changes this year under new head coach Jason Garrett.

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Lecture Hall

The lecture hall in the data center area of Cowboys Stadium features a wall portrait of current Cowboys, including QB Tony Romo and WR Miles Austin.

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The Back Hallway

The hallway ringing the service level of Cowboys Stadium is where the teams come through before entering the arena. It is also where Dallas QB Tony Romo was ushered for X-rays during the Oct. 25 Monday Night Football home game against the NY. Giants, when a ferocious hit broke his collarbone and ended his season.

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Cowboys Locker Room

This is the entrance to the Dallas Cowboys locker room.

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No Title

The Big StarsThe "stars alley" features the lockers of the Cowboys big names—including Romo, backup QB Jon Kitna, tight end Jason Witten, and wide receiver Miles Austin.

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DeMarcus Ware

This is the locker of pass rushing specialist DeMarcus Ware.

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Locker Room monitors

The TV monitors in the Cowboys locker room run nonstop at the coach's discretion. This footage shows former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells.

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The Cheerleaders

This is the dressing room of the famed Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

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Tom Landry

This photo of Tom Landry, the stoic former Cowboys coach, in the halls near the stadium's data center harkens back to another era of winning for the Cowboys.

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Roger Staubach

Right down the hall from Landry's portrait is that of Roger Staubach. The former Heisman trophy winner out of the Naval Academy led the Cowboys to many winning seasons under Landry.

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President Clinton

Former Cowboys star receiver Michael Irvin yaks it up as President Bill Clinton congratulates the team on a Super Bowl win.

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