Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu Offering New SPARC-Based Server - Page 2

With the problems that are facing a lot of large, Wall Street firms at this time, it might seem like a bad time to offer a server system that is geared toward the enterprise side of the market. There have already been reports that the financial crisis and credit crunch in the United States might force financial companies, which are key Sun and Fujitsu customers, to cut back on IT spending.

However, Sun and Fujitsu have said they see an opportunity in the coming months.

"The business still has to go on," said Tom Donnelly, a product manger for Fujitsu. "These financial institutions still need to consolidate, they still need to virtualize, they still need to upgrade and update their equipment. So, even though there is a credit crunch, business still needs to go on ... I also think you'll see other companies trying to consolidate and focus on power savings and try to reduce the overhead that they need to run their business."

The Sun and Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5440 server will ship in volume on Oct. 13. A two-socket system will start at $44,995.