Symantec to Acquire Gideon Technologies for Risk Management Technology

Symantec has agreed to buy Gideon Technologies with the intention of using Gideon's vulnerability, configuration and compliance management technology to appeal to the public sector.

Symantec has agreed to acquire Gideon Technologies in a bid to add to its risk management capabilities to meet the compliance needs of the public sector.

Gideon Technologies specializes in vulnerability, configuration, policy and compliance management as well as network and asset discovery. According to Symantec, Gideon Technologies' security content automation protocol-validate configuration and vulnerability assessment tool will enhance Symantec's ability to meet the needs of its public sector companies.

"As the U.S. government continues to make the cyber-security of our country's public and private infrastructures a priority, Symantec will support public sector customers with standards-based solutions that meet their complex compliance requirements with the highest degree of accuracy," said Gigi Schumm, vice president and general manager public sector at Symantec, in a statement. "As demonstrated by this acquisition, Symantec is committed to SCAP and emerging standards and intends to lead the ongoing advancement of these standards."

The security content automation protocol (SCAP) is a series of specifications used to standardize the way in which security software products communicate software flaw and configuration information.

Symantec's plan is to integrate Gideon Technologies' SecureFusion product with the Symantec Management Platform to compliment its compliance offerings and allow the company to offer customers automated situational awareness and remediation management solution for their environment.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the March quarter. Financial terms were not disclosed.