Top 10 E-Commerce Developments

Google is No. 1, but eBay, Amazon and iTunes also make the ranking, based a survey by the Software & Information Industry Association.

A panel of industry and policy experts polled by the Software & Information Industry Association came to the same conclusion as the online masses: Google is the most significant e-commerce development of the past decade.

In the release announcing the top 10 e-commerce developments since the White House released its "Framework for Global Electronic Commerce" in 1997, the pundits said, "Google did more to fundamentally change the way we use the Internet than any other event in the last 10 years.

Americans conducted 6.9 billion searches online in February 2007, and nearly half of those were on Google."

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"Its no surprise to see Google rank as the most important e-commerce development in the last 10 years," SIIA president Ken Wasch said in the release. "But the list also includes several e-commerce tools that have become so commonplace we almost forget they didnt exist 10 years ago."

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