Top 10 Strategic Technologies of 2009--That Gartner Missed - Page 2

6. Intraprise Networks

This is my term for getting your energy system and heating and AC systems part of the IT network. Lots of cost savings there.

7. Anti-social Nets

Social networks are all the rage, but where is the ROI? Watch for companies to lock down their networks to prevent Web surfing, Facebook updating, etc., during work hours.

8. Com Control

Sure, unified communications is a great idea. Until you are spending your days answering messages from 10 different systems. Someone is going to say to the work force, "Stop communicating and start working."

9. BLI

Business intelligence? Nice term, but where was the business intelligence at Lehman Brothers, or Wachovia, or Bear Stearns? Lots of money spent but not much intelligence to be found. I use to the term "BLI (business leader intelligence)" for systems that will alert the boss (and maybe the SEC) that the business practices in the company are putting not only the company in jeopardy, but maybe the entire economy. Think of it as Sarbanes-Oxley with a big stick.

10. New Green

The biggest cost savings is the system that is turned off, or the employee working from home instead of commuting to the office cubicle, or the software service that uses someone else's electricity instead of your own. Too many companies are using green IT as a marketing ploy to sell you some new stuff. You may be able to accomplish your green goals by having folks work at home, throwing out instead of replacing the company printers, killing off unused corporate apps and rewarding employees for turning off their own systems.