Watson Goes to School

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Watson Goes to School

With a "Jeopardy!" board in the background, IBM scientist David Ferrucci, left, coaches Will Zhang of CMU and Danielle Arbogast of the University of Pittsburgh in a "Jeopardy!" test game against IBM's Watson computer in Pittsburgh. The first Watson University Symposium assembled students and faculty to brainstorm ways Watsons technology could benefit society.

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Bernie Meyerson

Bernie Meyerson, IBMs vice president of innovation and university programs, gives an introduction on Deep Question Answering Natural Language Technology. The Deep QA technology that underlies IBM Watsons ability to extract, organize, analyze and assess massive quantities of information at record speeds will have an impact on sectors such as education, business, law, and medicine.

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Play to the Crowd

Students and faculty members from CMU and University of Pittsburgh discuss what Watson technology can do in the areas of medicine, law, business, computer science and engineering.

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Randy Bryant

Randy Bryant, dean of computer science at CMU, welcomes students and faculty members to a presentation on the future of IBMs Watson technology.

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IBM's David Ferrucci

David Ferrucci, lead investigator with IBM Research, discusses the next frontier for Watsons computing technology.

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The Pitt Team

From left, University of Pittsburgh students Richard Kester, Danielle Arbogast and Brian Sisco take a moment to pose for a picture before a "Jeopardy!" test game against Watson.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Will Zhang, left, of CMU, and Danielle Arbogast of the University of Pittsburgh participate in a practice round before a "Jeopardy!" test game with Watson.

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Exhibition Match

Eric Brown of IBM Research hosts a "Jeopardy!" exhibition with students from CMU, the University of Pittsburgh and Watson. This was the first time students were given the chance to face Watsons powerful analytical capabilities.

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Exhibition Match Teams

CMU students Connor Fallon, Will Zhang and Erik Schmidt, and University of Pittsburgh students Danielle Arbogast, Brian Sisco and Richard Kester, laugh as IBMs Watson computer quickly answers a question.

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Rapt Attention

Students and faculty members from CMU and University of Pittsburgh sit deep in concentration as they watch the students participate in a "Jeopardy!" test game with Watson.

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The Group

Students from CMU and the University of Pittsburgh pose for a photo opportunity after a "Jeopardy!" exhibition with IBMs Watson computer. Watson won with a final score of 52,199 followed by University of Pittsburgh with 12,937 and CMU with 7,463.

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The CMU Team

Students from CMU pose with Watson after the "Jeopardy!" exhibition. IBM hosted the first Watson university symposium in Pittsburgh because of CMUs contributions to the development of Watson and the University of Pittsburghs role as a center for computer science research and education.

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