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Arista to Pay Cisco $400 Million in Patent Settlement

The two networking vendors had spent more than three years suing and countersuing each other over claims of patent and copyright infringement.

How to Secure an IoT System in a Mere Few Minutes

By 2020, IoT devices are expected to grow to 31 billion in use globally, and by 2025, the number will surpass 75.4 billion devices. That’s a lot of potential attack surfaces. Everything has to be protected.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 6, 2018

Arm Acquires Treasure Data as Final Piece of Its Pelion IoT Platform VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Arm introduces its Pelion IoT platform to manage connected devices and data, and Cisco expands identity with its $2.35 billion Duo Security acquisition.

IT Science Case Study: Building a Fast, Reliable e-Banking Application

SOLUTION ANALYSIS: Before Q2 eBanking found AppDynamics, it had been using a patchwork of tools to monitor an IIS and C# backend paired with a Node.js and Docker front end, with a heavy reliance on logs.
Arm Pelion IoT Platform

Arm Introduces Pelion IoT Platform to Manage Connected Devices, Data

Company officials said the acquisition of Treasure Data for data management services was the final piece to put into place to complete the platform.

How NS1 is Speeding Up IT Automation with Private DNS

New platform brings scale, performance and automation advantages required by the largest internet companies to all enterprises embracing new-gen application infrastructure.

DHS Warns of Russian Hacking of Utility Networks

NEWS ANALYSIS: Utility company partners and suppliers used as pathways to break into supposedly secure networks affecting hundreds of victims.

DigitalOcean: Product Overview and Insight

DigitalOcean, a privately-held company headquartered in New York, provides a relatively easy cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size.
Juniper 400GbE

Juniper Bringing 400GbE to PTX, QFX, MX Switches and Routers

The move to 400GbE will not only give customers more bandwidth and better economics but also an easier migration path from 100GbE.
Daily Tech Briefing July 24, 2018

T-Mobile Rolls Out Narrowband Internet of Things Nationwide VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: T-Mobile launches narrowband IoT communications nationwide, and Microsoft sharpens SQL Operations Studio's job management tools.
narrowband IoT

T-Mobile Launches Narrowband IoT Communications Nationwide

NEWS ANALYSIS: Narrowband IoT is designed to provide a pathway for low-power devices that don’t require much bandwidth to communicate without interference.
Otis Elevator Case Study

Otis Elevator Hikes Role of IoT in Customer Service, Satisfaction

eWEEK CASE STUDY: Otis Elevator is creating smarter buildings by using Internet of Things technology to monitor the health of its people-moving equipment to enable predictive maintenance and boost customer satisfaction.

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