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How Dialpad Got a Highfive and Ended the Video-only Era

eWEEK TREND ANALYSIS: With the acquisition of Highfive, Dialpad is set up to ride the growing video wave.

Why an Enterprise Should Consider Shared Spectrum Connectivity

eWEEK DATA POINTS: Shared Spectrum CBRS, which is starting to gain momentum this year, accelerates private 5G connectivity for U.S. businesses.

Compare Top Cloud Computing Companies for 2020

eWEEK TOP COMPANIES: Here is a listing of the largest and most currently successful cloud services companies in the world.

Genesys, Infosys Join Forces to Enable Multi-Cloud Management

eWEEK CLOUD SERVICES ANALYSIS: New partnership with Infosys enables Genesys to accelerate its cloud innovation.

How Attivo Networks Strengthens Active Directory Defense

eWEEK NETWORK SECURITY ANALYSIS: The art of deception is becoming ever more important when it comes to keeping cyberattackers at bay. Attivo Networks has created ADSecure to protect Active Directory from cyberattacks.

Compare Top SD WAN Providers & Vendors for 2020

| Updated
eWEEK TOP COMPANIES: Networking IT providers are hustling to top each other in the fast-evolving software-defined WAN sector because so much innovation continues to come from the market.

With CloudVision, Arista Enables Network Automation-as-a-Service

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: Cloud management becomes smarter, faster and simpler with new automation-as-a-service.

How Startup Ananda Networks Enables DIY Private Networks

eWEEK NETWORKING NEWS: Ananda is a cloud-based service with a Slack-like interface that finds the best internet connections for any type of enterprise use case, shows users how to make the connections, then remembers them for future use. It's all about automation.

Oracle Unveils a System in Between Cloud, On-Premises

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eWEEK CLOUD NEWS: The fully managed virtual private cloud offers all of Oracle’s public cloud services, including Autonomous Database and SaaS applications, for customer data centers.

Cisco Systems' Tough Quarter Indicates No Immunity to the Pandemic

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: Businesses appear to be slowing their IT spend, and that could cause some long-term pain.

IT Science Case Study: Enabling Remote Learning for a School District

eWEEK IT SCIENCE: Like many organizations seeking the benefits of digital transformation, Morgan School District wanted to migrate its IT infrastructure to the cloud and enhance its overall cybersecurity posture across all its schools. Easier said than done.

Why Avaya's New OneCloud Unified Branding is Important

eWEEK NETWORKING ANALYSIS: While names like Breeze and Zang were cool and catchy, it was often tough to figure out what product delivered which capability. The AvayaOne cloud brand will span the entire unified communications, contact center, collaboration and CPaaS (Communications Platform...

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