Canto Upgrades to Cumulus 6.5

Updated Cumulus 6.5 aims to speed workflow and enhance deployment, with improved user authentication methods, catalog and search features, and color management.

Canto, a provider of DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions, has released its Canto Cumulus 6.5, focusing on simplifying administration and boosting the workflow process.

According to the company, Cumulus 6.5 has several enhancements specifically designed to address handling content more effectively and to reduce a users learning time for easier enterprise-wide deployment.

One of the more notable features in the upgrade is the enhancement of user authentication methods, the San Francisco-based Canto Software Inc. said in its release. Cumulus 6.5 supports an enhanced built-in user management module and LDAP directory servers, as well as a new authentication API.

User authentication can be based on passwords stored in the built-in authentication method or on an LDAP server, on system passwords such as domain passwords, and—with the new authentication API—even on any other authentication system.

With this upgrade, Cumulus 6.5 has also added a central administration tool called the Server Console. This admin tool is for the Workgroup Server Solutions and Cumulus Enterprise and features the already existing Remote Admin and User Manager modules, as well as additional tools including Activity Monitor, Backup Manager and Log Manager.

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To more efficiently address user workflow needs, Actions and Metadata Templates have been introduced in all versions of Cumulus 6.5. Cumulus Actions saves time by defining a set of procedures in an Action. The Action is a combined set of functions that provide a way for several procedures to be performed in one step.

Users are also able to create, modify or use the Metadata Templates. The templates have preset field values with additional attributes for select record fields. The Metadata Template Editor gives users the ability to enter information and keep it consistent.

"We are continually challenged to streamline our operations," said Frank Ray of Texas Instruments Inc. "Using a digital asset management system is critical for the efficient use and control of our digital media. Cumulus 6.5 continues to build on its core capabilities."

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