Checking Out Six New AMD Motherboards - Page 11


As we did in the last AMD DDR motherboard roundup, we used SiSoft Sandras SSE integer streaming test to measure the memory bandwidth of this batch. The trend continues: the results are telling of a serious deficiency on the part of the Soyo board. It came in more than 18% lower than its nearest competitor, the Gigabyte K7VTXH+, and a whopping 25% lower than the ABIT KR7A, which, by the way, burned through this benchmark without breaking a sweat.

Whether that harkens to a memory bandwidth deficiency with the ALi MAGiK1, or just with the Soyo K7ADA, cannot be determined without a wider sampling of ALi product. Its also possible that BIOS updates could improve the memory performance of the relatively new K7ADA.