Checking Out Six New AMD Motherboards - Page 13

Encoding puts a lot of strain on the system processor and the memory subsystem. Notice in the MPEG test that the troubled Soyo K7ADA pulled ahead for this benchmark, but not by a convincing margin. This could mean that the ALi MAGiK1 chipset manages to eek a bit more efficiency out of the CPU in Windows 2000.

Under Windows Me, the Soyo came out last in both the Windows Media Encoder and Quicktime Encoder tests, the former by about six percent, and the latter by about 7 percent. Though the margins are narrow, comparing the Soyo boards encoding performance between the two operating systems would appear to indicate that the K7ADA makes more efficient use of the system processor through the Windows 2000s NT kernel than it does through Windows Mes 9x kernel.

Meanwhile, both the DFI and the Gigabyte boards showed excellent encoding performance in Windows Me. Among the KT266A boards, the ABIT KR7A RAID and the ECS K7VTA3 were collectively the least efficient motherboards.