DeepDyve into the Deep Web

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DeepDyve into the Deep Web

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Is This DeepDyve or Facebook?

DeepDyve's new UI follows in the footsteps of so many companies looking to create a more Web 2.0-friendly experience.

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Searching for Skin Cancer ... Advice

Note that there's a lot of room in the search box. DeepDyve lets users enter phrases of up to 25,000 characters per query so that more meaning and relevance can be extracted from documents in the research engine's index.

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Find and Refine

Clicking the Search button returns results for users; for medical queries, the results are typically from medical journals. DeepDyve lets users refine results by subject area, content type and filters.

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Saving Results

DeepDyve features options to save searches and results for users returning to the site.

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Results Return More Context

DeepDyve returns blocks of text in search results so users don't have to click open every document.

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