Discovery Touchdown

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Discovery Touchdown

With its drag chute unfurled, space shuttle Discovery rolls down Runway 15 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

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Entering Orbiter Processing

Discovery enters Orbiter Processing Facility-2 during a move called "towback." The shuttle landed safely on March 9 just before noon.

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Pulling to a Stop

The shuttles towback vehicle slowly pulls the spacecraft into Orbiter Processing Facility-2.

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Flanked by Followers

A purge unit that pumps conditioned air into a shuttle after landing is connected to Discovery's aft end and additional landing convoy vehicles follow closely behind.

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Waiting to Exhale

Inside Discovery, the STS-133 crewmembers prepare to exit the spacecraft after landing safely on the shuttles last mission.

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Ready to Exit

The crew transport vehicle pulls up to Discovery on the Shuttle Landing Facility's Runway 15.

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Shimmering Shuttle

Discovery appears to be a mirage as it coasts down the runway at Kennedy Space Center in Florida after landing just before noon.

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Inspecting the Underside

Bob Cabana, director of the Kennedy Space Center, checks out the underside of Discovery following its final return from space.

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Homecoming Photo

The STS-133 crew poses for a photo in front of the space shuttle after landing.

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Leading Them On

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden escorts the STS-133 crew to media representatives waiting on the Shuttle Landing Facility.

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