FCC Chief Launching E-government Initiatives

The FCC, which has one of the federal government's most difficult sites to maneuver, turns to crowdsourcing, video blogging, RSS feeds, YouTube and Twitter.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski continues to bring "Gov 2.0" change to the agency known for its difficult-to-use Website. On Sept. 10, Genachowski posted his first video blog, and on Sept. 11 the FCC launched the crowdsourcing platform Ideascale.
The FCC will also have a presence on social media sites Facebook and YouTube, which will be linked through www.fcc.gov/connect. The FCC also offers www.fcc.gov/rss as "a central repository of data feeds from the agency." In August, the FCC launched a blog focusing on the development of the national broadband plan Congress ordered the agency to prepare by February, and began a microblog on Twitter.

"The FCC must be a 21st-century agency for the information age," Genachowski said in a statement. "New media technologies can help achieve that important goal. Using innovative online tools will enable the commission to perform more efficiently and communicate more effectively. They will also encourage the widest possible participation in what the FCC does and harness the communications expertise we have all over the country."

The FCC's crowdsourcing site "allows the online community to discuss, evaluate and rank ideas" in communication with the agency.