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How to achieve better enterprise search

By automatically tagging and categorizing enterprise content, enterprises will realize the naturally occurring, high-quality metadata associated with hyperlinks, and bridge the gap between enterprise and Internet search. In order to achieve better enterprise search, enterprises should do the following three things:

1. Install a system to automate the creation of metadata for existing content and new content as it's added to the server.

2. Categorize information into logical groups based on folksonomies, taxonomies and ontologies.

3. Define, in advance, what you want to understand from the documents and check to see that automated systems coincide with these goals. Perform a systematic human check of your automated search and content management tools at least once per quarter.

The key to managing your company's content quickly and easily is being able to automatically generate metadata. An auto-categorization metadata system, the backbone of a successful content management system (CMS), is a proven solution for better search and retrieval. It not only improves accuracy and efficiency, but also saves time, money and resources. In today's challenging economic climate, it's hard to argue with that.

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