Hubble Repair

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Hubble Repair

Endeavour spent 299 days in space and traveled more than 122.8 million miles during its 25 flights. It launched on its first mission May 7, 1992.

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Up and Away

Endeavour thunders past the uppermost reaches of the Fixed Service Structure at Launch Pad 39B in 1992.

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Piggyback Touchdown

Endeavour, riding atop the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, lands at Kennedy Space Centers Shuttle Landing Facility in 1997, completing its cross-country ferry flight from Palmdale, Calif.

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Moon Over Endeavour

The full moon hovers over space shuttle Endeavour waiting for liftoff on the STS-126 mission, launched in 2008.

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Leaving a Trail

Endeavour lifts off from launch Pad 39A on April 9, 1994, to begin the nine-day STS-59/Space Radar Laboratory mission.

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A massive 19 million-plus pounds of space shuttle, support and transport hardware inch toward Launch Pad 39A from the Vehicle Assembly Building.

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Night Work

On Launch Pad 39A in February 2000, Endeavour is viewed late at night from a point on the Rotating Service Structure more than 225 feet from the ground.

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Landing in Darkness

In 2010, Endeavour lands in darkness on Runway 15 at the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in Florida after 14 days in space.

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Final Spacewalk for STS-134

NASA astronaut Michael Fincke works outside the station during the fourth and final spacewalk of the STS-134 mission, which lasted more than seven hours.

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The Final Voyage

Endeavour on the STS-134 mission made its final landing at the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center June 1 in Cape Canaveral, Fla.

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