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Whats Next

Now that Teva has solved the tough security and privacy problems posed by MSWatch, the company plans enhancements that could boost its community of users. Singh, for example, is working on streamlining the process for posing new medical and scientific data on the site. One way to speed this lengthy process, Singh said, would be to secure content from an independent provider that would verify its accuracy and compliance. Singh said he hopes to have a content provider in place by the second quarter of next year.

Finally, Teva is looking into making some MSWatch content downloadable onto wireless Compaq Computer Corp. iPaq and PalmPilot handheld devices. By the third quarter of next year, patients may be able to access their calendars via handhelds to check doctor appointment times or for daily medication reminders and to be able to download a treatment diary that can then be shared with health care providers.

But even without future enhancements, the site is clearly a success, both for Tevas marketing efforts and for the MS patients for which it provides a much-needed community. As one MS patient, "gardengirl," said recently in an MSWatch chat room, "This is my second home."