IntraLinks, Adobe Team for Paperless Clinical Trials

Combining Adobe's LiveCycle Enterprise Suite with IntraLinks' solutions for secure collaboration, companies aim to turn the document-intensive clinical trial process into a paperless experience.

IntraLinks and Adobe are teaming up to develop solutions that will automate cross-organization data capture and submission-based business processes within the life sciences industry. The initial solution IntraLinks and Adobe are bringing to market addresses the document-intensive clinical trial process.
Combining IntraLinks' solutions-which facilitate the secure, compliant and auditable exchange of critical information inside and outside the enterprise-with Adobe's LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, the new tool provides clinical trial managers with a single, tightly integrated platform to first conduct electronic data capture and then securely manage, organize and share content across firewalls.
According to IntraLinks and Adobe, the combination of their software for clinical trials will help improve workflow during the site recruitment and study startup phases of a clinical trial. Once an electronic form is created using LiveCycle ES, IntraLinks' platform manages the external workflow to organize, distribute, collect and track e-forms across the firewall with e-mail notifications and a one-click-to-submit process for the e-form.
"Building on Adobe's LiveCycle ES, IntraLinks will leverage its secure and auditable information exchange platform to create a truly paperless solution for the clinical trials process," Alison Shurell, vice president of marketing for IntraLinks, said in a statement. "This new platform replaces inefficient and nonsecure methods of sharing sensitive clinical trial documents such as e-mail, fax and courier."