LABS GALLERY: Outlook 2010 Eases Common Tasks, Fully Adopts Ribbon Interface

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LABS GALLERY: Outlook 2010 Eases Common Tasks, Fully Adopts Ribbon Interface

by Jim Rapoza

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Ribbon Interface

With the 2010 beta, Outlook now fully adopts the ribbon interface found in the rest of the Microsoft Office suite.

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Conversation View

The Conversation View in Outlook 2010 boosts the ability to view full e-mail threads by expanding any message in the thread.

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Quick Steps

The new Quick Steps feature in the Outlook 2010 beta lets users carry out frequently performed tasks within Outlook with a single click. Outlook 2010 comes with several preconfigured Quick Steps, such as group e-mails, reply and delete.

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Build-Your-Own Quick Steps

Users can also build their own Quick Steps for quickly handling different tasks in Outlook 2010.

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Social Connector

The Social Connector in Outlook 2010 makes it possible to link up to collaborative spaces and have social information about contacts visible while viewing an Outlook message.

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SharePoint Only

In the current beta, the only social network that Outlook 2010 can connect to is Microsoft's own SharePoint.

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Backstage is the new management view for Outlook 2010, launching a full management window for a user's Outlook deployment rather than just using a standard File menu.

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Suggested Contacts

The Suggested Contacts tab builds a list of recipients of e-mails that don't belong to any of your address books.

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Image Editing

A nice feature in the Outlook 2010 beta makes it possible to edit images directly within Outlook without the need for external image editing tools.

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Cut and Paste

Cutting and pasting content into Outlook 2010 has been improved with preview features that let a user see how content will look before pasting it into a message.

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Paste Screenshot

A new feature in Outlook 2010 let me paste a screenshot directly into Outlook without having to first save it as an image file.

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Message Themes

Several new message themes have been added in the beta of Outlook 2010.

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