Microsoft to Provide Mid-Size Customers With RFID Support

However, customers shouldn't expect to see out-of-the-box RFID software support from Microsoft's Business Solutions unit until 2005 and 2006, officials said.

When Microsoft launched its so-called "Smarter Retailing Initiative" in mid-January, company officials said Microsoft planned to support radio frequency identification (RFID) but didnt offer specifics.

However, the Redmond software company on Monday offered additional details as to how and when it plans to add RFID support to at least some of its software.

Over the course of the next two years, Microsoft will deliver versions of its Navision financial solution, its Axapta ERP offering and its Retail Management System — all products aimed at small and mid-size businesses — that will include RFID support, among other features. Thats according to Satya Nadella, corporate vice president of development for Microsoft Business Solutions.

The Navision and Axapta releases with RFID support are slated for 2005; the Retail Management System one for 2006. (Microsoft is slated to update al three of these three product lines in 2004, but RFID support wont be added until the subsequent releases.)


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