New Microsoft Hardware Set to Debut

Microsoft is expected to roll out this week two new specialty keyboards for home PC users. (Microsoft Watch)

Microsoft is expected to roll out on Tuesday two new hardware bundles aimed at home users.

The first is a three-in-one control center for Windows XP Media Center PCs, sources close to the Redmond software vendor said.

Microsoft is expected to christen the new model the "Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition."

It will support in a single device remote, keyboard and mouse capabilities, sources added.

Microsofts goal is to target the sleek, all-in-one unit as well suited for living rooms, rather than just home offices.

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The other hardware model due out Tuesday is a bundle tailored for digital camera owners, consisting of a mouse, keyboard and digital-imaging software (Digital Image Standard 2006), sources said.

The "Wireless Optical Desktop 5000" is designed to "turn any desktop into a virtual dark room," said sources claiming familiarity with Microsofts positioning.

Both products are slated for mid-September availability, sources said. And each model is priced at $99.

The new keyboards fit into Microsofts strategy of emphasizing both its Media Center PC and its digital-photography-related software and community sites.

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Microsoft is expected to announce in the next couple of months the release of its latest version of the Windows XP Media Center Edition platform, which is code-named Emerald.

New Microsoft Hardware Set to Debut

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