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3D WinBench and 3-D Game Performance

To test Windows XPs 3-D performance, we ran the 3D WinMark tests from 3D WinBench 2000 Version 1.1, as well as three games: Infogamess Unreal Tournament, Interplay Entertainments MDK2, and id Softwares Quake III. All tests were run at 1,024-by-768 resolution with a 32-bit color depth. The monitor was set to a refresh rate of 85 Hz.

3D WinBench tests the graphics adapter, graphics driver, Direct 3D software, data bus and AGP slot, and all crucial components for games and gamers demanding increasingly realistic imagery. 3D WinBench uses the DirectX 7 API, not DirectX 8.

For Windows XP, we used the drivers that came with the OS. For earlier Windows versions, we downloaded and used the latest graphics card drivers available from the vendors Web sites. Since we ran our tests before Windows XP was released to the public, we could not get updated drivers from the card manufacturers. There should be new drivers available when Windows XP ships, and these will most likely improve performance.

Using the same OS core and drivers, Windows XP Home and Professional performed nearly the same. On the Pentium III systems, Windows XP outperformed the other operating systems. Interestingly, the Pentium 4 performed best with Windows Me. And The 1.4-GHz Athlon scores were lower than expected. We suspect that there may have been a driver conflict between the Athlon systems AGP bus and Windows XPs default drivers.

The Pentium III/866 results were indistinguishable across OSs. The Pentium 4 scores were also close, but there were more noticeable variances. In Unreal Tournament and MDK2, the Windows XP systems fell behind the leader, but they were slightly faster on Quake III.

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