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Seven Deadly Sins

Managing partnerships is a tricky task. Here are seven of the biggest challenges facing alliance managers and channel managers.

1. Cost to recruit partners
Executives often expect channel programs to reduce their internal sales costs. As a result, they often underestimate how much it costs to recruit partners.

2. Gaining partner mind share
If youre not on the map yet, few partners are willing to go the distance with you.

3. Delivering sales tools to partners
The Web has eased this process, but do you really want to share your best sales tactics with outside companies?

4. Risk of partners selling competitive products
Coopetition is the norm. One day you cooperate, the next day you compete.

5. Reduced control over the sales process
Why trust an outsider with a big deal when your own VP of sales is up to the task?

6. Coordinating partner and vendor sales efforts
Are there clear rules of engagement for each market/geography?

7. Complex forecasting process
If your top partners dont have sales visibility, how can you possibly predict quarterly performance?

Source: ChannelWave