3D Mapping, Microsofts Ballmer, Android and Other Scenes from MWC 2011

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3D Mapping, Microsofts Ballmer, Android and Other Scenes from MWC 2011

by Nathan Eddy

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Ballmer Draws a Crowd

Attendees grew pushy and impatient while waiting to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote address on the opening day of the conference.

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A 3D World

Digital Globe's mobile mapping technology is showcased on the Samsung Galaxy II tablet—glasses required, sorry.

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All Wet

NTT DoCoMo shows off the waterproof capabilities of the Regza T-01C in a display mixing advertising bravura with clinical sterility.

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Writing on the Wall

Texas Instruments' DLP projection technology pushes mobile presentations to a whole new level—and angle.??í

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Pay as You Grow

Visa showed off its mobile payment technology in a year where the concept is receiving serious attention from industry leaders.

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Mobilizing the Sun

Intivation, a developer of solar cells and chargers for mobile phones and other electronic items, always looks at the sunny side of things.

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Giving a Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt waxed poetic in a keynote address that stressed the importance the mobile industry brings to society.

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Paranoid, Android

Android seems unconcerned as social networking behemoth Facebook and rival Microsoft loomed just over his (her? its?) shoulder.

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Frozen Assets

Protective case manufacturer Sonim went to extreme, very cold lengths to demonstrate the durability of its product.

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Suggestive Business Models

CBOSS, a software developer of billing systems for telecommunication companies ... are you even reading this?

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