AMD Unveils Eyefinity Graphics Feature

The Eyefinity feature in AMD's upcoming ATI Radeon DirectX 11-enabled graphics chips will enable PC users to connect up to six displays to a single graphics card, in any configuration of portrait or landscape mode, with a resolution AMD officials called near eye definition. The feature is part of AMD's push to show the benefits of combining CPU and GPU capabilities, and was announced in conjunction with AMD's Vision Technology push for consumer PCs.

Advanced Micro Devices continues to press its advantage in the graphics space and build on the company's purchase of ATI in July 2006.

AMD in May announced it was merging its CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) businesses, and on Sept. 10 said notebooks powered by AMD's new Vision Technology-combining CPU and GPU technologies-will be on store shelves by the holiday season, in time for the release of Microsoft's much-anticipated Windows 7 operating system.

In addition, AMD officials talked about a new technology, called Eyefinity, which will enable users to run multiple displays off a single graphics card with a resolution officials said in a statement is "near eye resolution."

Eyefinity will be included in the upcoming family of ATI Radeon DirectX 11-enabled graphics chips. The feature will enable PC users to connect up to six ultrahigh-definition screens-in a number of portrait and landscape configurations-on a single system. The clarity comes through the AMD graphics card, which will offer up to 12 times 1080p resolution, according to AMD officials.

The displays will be able to reach a theoretical resolution of 268 megapixels. By comparison, an average 19-inch LCD display today has a resolution of just more than 1 megapixel, according to AMD.

AMD and Samsung Electronics are working together to develop ultrathin bezel monitors and compatible stands, which will enable customers to customize ways to arrange the displays, the company said.

AMD showed off Eyefinity at several events around the world, with officials talking about its benefits not only for gaming, but also for everyday PC use.