Dell Vostro 460s Simple Design

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Dell Vostro 460s Simple Design

The Dell Vostro 460 comes with a simple design that won't appeal much to consumers. But since it's designed with enterprise customers in mind, its basic look and feel shouldn't turn many enterprise users away.

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Theres USB Ports Galore

The Dell Vostro 460 comes with a host of connectivity options for customers. It has four USB ports and a USB 3.0 port on the front of the computer alone. Considering how popular USB is nowadays, companies will be happy to see that many options available.

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Even More Connectivity Options on the Back

Just when you think there won't be any more USB ports on the Vostro 460, turn the tower around to find four more USB ports and one more USB 3.0 option. That's in addition to the Gigabit Ethernet port and video connections.

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The Included Dell Monitor

The unit Dell provided includes a 21.5-inch monitor. The screen is quite nice for the average user, but don't expect it to take on some of the more expensive options on store shelves. One other issue: It's a bit wide for desks with little room for monitors.

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It Has a Portrait Mode Too

One of the nicest options available in the 21.5-inch monitor included with the Vostro 460 is the ability to turn the screen into portrait mode. The only issue is, it can be a bit tall for those who use it that way. Luckily, the monitor comes with height adjustments to make it more suitable for the user.

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Theres Even More USB Ports on the Monitor

It's unlikely that users of this computer will ever run out of connectivity options because, for good measure, Dell has added a few to the side of the monitor it sells along with the Vostro 460. All told, the monitor comes with four USB ports.

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Too Bad About the Wired Keyboard, Mouse

Unfortunately, Dell opted against offering customers a wireless keyboard and mouse by default. Those companies that have wired accessories already won't necessarily mind the wireless omission, but considering the market is quickly moving toward wireless mice and keyboards, it would have been nice to see them come with the Vostro 460.

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Sandy Bridge Helps Dell Vostro Perform Well

The Dell Vostro 460 tested came with an Intel Core i7 2600 "Sandy Bridge" processor. Its clock speed comes in at 3.4GHz. With the help of that processor, employees trying to perform standard business tasks won't have any trouble on the Vostro 460. A discrete graphics card and more RAM would have been nice, though.

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The Dell Vostro 460s Hard Drive

The Dell Vostro 460 ships with a 500GB hard drive. Those who wish to have more storage can upgrade to more capacity. But for most tasks, the 500GB option, which allows for more than 464GB of available space, should be just fine.

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A Welcome Addition: Windows XP Mode

The Dell Vostro 460 tested comes with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional. More importantly, it features access to Windows XP Mode. What that means is employees can run a virtual version of Windows XP inside Windows 7. It not only improves compatibility, but it could prove to be a productivity improvement for companies still using legacy products that won't work with Windows 7.

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