Gateway Enhances All-in-One System

The Profile 5 comes with a 19-inch LCD screen and is now easier to maintain; Gateway also unveils "no-compromise performance notebook."

Gateway Inc. next month will start shipping new versions of its Profile all-in-one computer and its desktop-replacement notebook.

The Profile 5, which will ship Nov. 3, will offer new features that business customers have been telling the Poway, Calif., company are needed in the all-in-one, said Philip Osako, vice president of alternative form factor desktops at Gateway.

The Profile 5, which runs on either Intel Corp. Celeron or Pentium 4 chips—including Pentium 4s with Hyper-Threading—and the Intel 865G chip set, now offers a 19-inch LCD screen, as well as 15- and 17-inch displays, Osako said. Another enhancement is that the computer is easier to maintain. All the components are easily accessible by removing the rear panel, he said. Some of the components in previous Profiles were not as easy to get to, making it difficult—and more expensive—for users to conduct maintenance on-site.

The screen also is more adjustable on the tilt and height, and the LCD detaches so that it can be used with other systems, Osako said. In addition, the optical drives that had been on the side of the system are now located in the front.

"Its a reflection of the changes in business requirements," he said. "People are looking for more LCD usage, better ergonomics. Theyre looking for systems that use up less space."

The Profile 5, with a base price of $1,199, will come in several models, including one targeted at small and midsized businesses bundled with Microsoft Office, and another with Windows 2000 for larger customers, Osako said.

The upcoming M675 notebook will replace the current 600 series, said Ajay Gupta, vice president of notebook products at Gateway. "Its a no-compromise performance notebook targeted at people who cannot compromise on system performance, cant compromise on flexibility when they move to notebooks," Gupta said.

The notebook, with a starting price of $1,999, will come with a 17.1-inch high-resolution display, 8X AGP graphics capabilities, a Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading, and 802.11g/b and a/g/b wireless connectivity. A key for businesses will be the option of having three hard drives, Gupta said. The M675 can come with a main hard drive, an optical drive and a third drive bay, the last two of which can be switched to hard drives. It will enable customers like government agencies to keep sensitive data on one hard drive while having others to use.

"It lets them have a level of security that is not normally found" on notebooks, Gupta said.