HP Makes a Play for Young Users with Digital Learning Suite

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HP Makes a Play for Young Users with Digital Learning Suite

by Michelle Maisto

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HP Digital Sketch

The HP Digital Sketch is a tablet that wirelessly connects to a teachers notebook or desktop, enabling him or her to walk around a classroom while offering instruction. It can receive input via a stylus and connect to HPs new Pocket Whiteboard (pictured to the right of the Sketch).

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HP Pocket Whiteboard

Light and portable, the Pocket Whiteboard can turn almost any classroom surface into an interactive learning space, according to HP. That includes walls and non-digital whiteboards.

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HP Classroom Manager Software

HPs Classroom Manager Software enables teachers to push content to students devices, collaborate with interactive lesson plans, and control or share a desktop view with one student or the whole classroom. Teachers can also customize access to appropriate Websites.

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HP Presentation Station 1000

This rolling cart gives educators the freedom to move around, even between classrooms. Its height-adjustable, the casters lock, and it can hold a laptop or tablet, a keyboard and mouse, a DVD player, a projector, a camera and more.

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HP Managed Charging Cart

Unlike some classroom carts, HPs newest version can hold a variety of device brands and sizes at once. The shelves are customizable, and the carts come in options for 20 or 30 devices. In addition to charging the devices, the carts can receive network updates while loaded.

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HP Mini 100e

In June 2010, HP introduced the Mini 100e, a netbook for elementary-age classrooms. It features a spill-proof keyboard, a sturdy handle and a dial-up modem—making it friendlier to emerging markets. The Mini 100e can also be customized with colors or school logos. The one shown has no official relationship with FIFA—it was just HPs way of celebrating the 2010 World Cup.

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Dell Latitude 2100

Dell also has an interest in the education market. In 2009, it launched the Latitude 2100, which features an easy-gripping rubber exterior and an antimicrobial keyboard, among other kid-friendly features.

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Dell Mobile Computing Station

This Mobile Computing Station, also introduced May 2009, is Dells answer to the mobile charging cart. When clicked in place, the netbooks can be charged and remotely managed.

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