LABS GALLERY: Well-Built Flip MinoHD Provides Many Welcome New Features

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LABS GALLERY: Well-Built Flip MinoHD Provides Many Welcome New Features

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Sleek Form Factor

The new Flip MinoHD has a sleek, gunmetal finish and improves on the camera's already good workmanship. However, the basic design and look remain the same as with previous Flip Minos.

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Rear Controls

The rear controls of the new Flip MinoHD remain the same as with past Minos. Users will appreciate the extra hour of recording time they get with the new device.

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An HDMI slot on the bottom of the Flip MinoHD makes it possible to connect the device to HDMI-compliant display units.

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Flip-Out USB Jack

On the new Flip MinoHD, the flip-out USB jack has been updated to a sleeker, metallic USB jack.

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Peace of Mind

The new Delete lock capability helps to prevent accidental deletion of videos, providing peace of mind.

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Video Management

The new Flip MinoHD comes preloaded with the recently released FlipShare 5.0 software. This software has been updated to help users manage and share videos taken with their Flip camera.

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My Channel

The new My Channel feature in FlipShare makes it easy for users to drag videos from their Flip camera and have the videos automatically uploaded to a hosted service.

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Easy Upload

The FlipShare software has always helped users upload videos to popular sites, but Version 5.0 takes it a step further with simple procedures for sending videos to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.

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Flip Store

The new FlipShare 5.0 software includes direct links into the Flip store for users looking for accessories for their new device.

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Have It Your Way

While the basic new Flip MinoHD comes in gunmetal, those purchasing the new camera on can choose from multiple patterns or upload their own image to use on their custom Flip MinoHD.

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