Latest HP PC Lineup Goes for Cool with Colorful New Touch-Screens

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Latest HP PC Lineup Goes for Cool with Colorful New Touch-Screens

by Chris Preimesberger

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Rotating Carousel of Applications

HP's rotating "carousel" design for finding various applications on its new 23-inch TouchSmart Elite 610 and Elite 9300 desktop PCs definitely takes a cue from Apple, but it is fun to use and very functional.

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Wireless Takeover Screen Takeover Via WiFi

HP is now making available a new application called HPLinkUp, which enables a user with a TouchSmart 610 or 9300 to operate the desktop of another computer within WiFi range.

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Wireless Takeover Serves Multiple Needs, Applications

There are many good reasons a user may want to transfer the desktop of a smaller computer to a larger one, such as handling photos, video, large documents and so on. As long as both computers are within WiFi range of each other, LinkUp—which is a proprietary HP application not connected with BlueTooth—works smoothly. The smaller computer's screen goes dark when the large computer takes over.

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Wireless Takeover Provides Full Screen Control

When the other computer's screen comes up, the user has full access and control over the screen as he or she would on the original computer. Ease of use plays a big part in all of this, which is what HP is aiming for.

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Shared Computing a Focal Point

HP is putting a lot of emphasis on promoting its big-screen TouchSmart machines as centrally-located (such as in a kitchen, family room, game room or other gathering-place-type area in a residence) terminals that more than one??íperson can use at the same time. This??íbetter??íenables activities such as book reading, game playing and schoolwork. The 23-inch monitors lend themselves well to these tasks.

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Moving into New Spaces

Because the keyboards are not necessary, the new TouchSmarts can move into new desktop territory (like right to the edge of the desk) that other computers have not been able to traverse in the past.??íThese machines can carry 1TB or more of storage capacity.??í

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A Slider for All Angles

HP spent a lot of time and effort to come up with this new monitor carriage that looks simple??íenough??íhere, but is a first on the market. The monitor slides down (with the bottom edge going toward the user) to as far as a 60-degree angle—without changing the footprint of the monitor.??íTouchSmarts all run on dual- or multi-core Intel and AMD processors.??í

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Innards of the Monitor

All the important plug-ins are carefully hidden away in the TouchSmart monitors so that cables don't get in the way. USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports are included.??í??í

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A More Natural Way to Work

An HP staff member demonstrates how the TouchSmart monitors can be set for any user preference. HP believes that this feature can be an important differentiator, especially for creative professionals thinking about upgrading their current workstations.

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Sounds Pretty Nice

Many of HP's newest laptops will include its high-quality Beats audio system. Some of them have five speakers—two in front, two at the top of the keyboard and a sub-woofer underneath. This keyboard features a red backlit option.??íThese laptops start at $499.??í

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More New Looks

Even the mice are getting fashionable in the new HP spring line.

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