MadCaps Capture Aids Image Creation

MadCap launches its newest graphics software to help users create and improve images.

MadCap Software announced Oct. 24 the launching of Capture, its latest graphics software that focuses on screen capture features and targets documentation professionals who want to develop and improve their computer graphics.

"But it is much more than a typical screen capture tool or graphics program," said Bjorn Backlund, chief technology officer of MadCap. "With Capture, users will find unique features that they wont find anywhere else—features that take away a lot of the pain that sometimes comes with image creation and documentation."

MadCaps new graphics software lets users create images from their computer screens by capturing a full screen, an application, an adjustable region or a ui element. Capture allows users to adjust images and enhance them by adding different objects/borders, and includes resizing, cropping and special effects functionality.

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One of the unique features that MadCap is advertising is Captures single-sourcing functionality, which allows users to produce an output file for online help, such as low resolution or color, and a different output file for a printed manual such as high resolution or gray scale, which then gets sent to Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker.

Other features include "palettes" functionality, which allows users to create and save objects for later use; profiles; special effects such as shading, zoom, blur and gray scale; and an editable option that provides users with the opportunity to make changes to objects in an image even though the image has already been saved.

"We truly feel that we are carving out a new future for our customers," said Anthony Olivier, MadCaps CEO. "Capture is a great example of how MadCap is being innovative, coming up with brand new solutions and bringing the abandoned RoboHelp customers and all documentation professionals one step closer to the Ultimate Authoring Suite of products. Were paving the way."

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