Pointsec Launches ActivIdentity Smart Card ID with USB

The company is now integrating its encryption software, Pointsec for PC 6.0, with ActivIdentity's Smart Card ID solutions.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies, which specializes in encryption software for laptops, desktops, PDAs and smart phones, announced Oct. 30 that its product Pointsec for PC 6.0 will now combine ActivIdentitys Smart Card ID solutions with ActivIdentity ActivKey, a USB token solution, which may give users an improved data security system with encryption and authentication tools.

This data protection software lets business and government users protect data stored on their laptops or PCs in a more comprehensive manner, as Pointsecs software encrypts a notebook or desktop PCs entire disk, so as to protect the operating system and sensitive system files by closing down potential security vulnerabilities.

"As work forces grow more mobile, the risk of exposing sensitive customer or business information from lost or stolen laptops has become a major concern for corporations and government agencies," Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec, said in a statement.

Pointsec, based in Lisle, Ill., now offers its Pointsec for PC Solution with ActivIdentity smart cards and USB tokens put together for use with ActivClient middleware and ActivIdentity Applets.

"By integrating our data encryption software with ActivIdentity two-factor authentication solutions, we are able to meet the growing demand for higher levels of protection against data breaches caused by lost, stolen or discarded laptop and desktop PCs," Larsson said.

ActivClient further helps Pointsecs software to protect companies information through other security programs such as strong authentication for network log-in and VPNs.

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"Now our customers can combine strong authentication with full disk encryption to ensure the privacy and protection of personal and proprietary information stored on laptop and desktop computers," Marc Hudavert, vice president of sales and general manager of ActivIdentity EMEA, said in a statement. "Pointsec is a leader in mobile data protection and the integrated solutions offer our joint customers another important layer of protection for their endpoint equipment."

The newly integrated encryption software is now available at Pointsecs Web site.

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