Tough Competition: How Rugged Computing Is Growing with the Rest of the Laptop Market - Page 2

GDI's GD8000

General Dynamics Itronix released the GD8000 on March 16, a long-coming update to its rugged notebook line. With the GD8000, GDI particularly emphasized improvements in three areas:

??Ç Viewability: This was addressed with GDI's DynaVue technology. Military and field service workers make up a considerable portion of rugged device users, so a crisp, readable screen in all outdoor lighting conditions is essential.

??Ç Increased ruggedness: GDI went beyond industry testing standards for both how many drops to concrete a single powered-on GD8000 can withstand (26 drops from 42 inches) and the amount of water it can stay sealed against.

??Ç Improved battery life: According to GDI, battery life was boosted from the 8 hours in its GoBook XR-1 to 10 hours with the GD8000, which it credits Intel technology.

Specifically, that improvement comes from an Intel Core 2 Duo SL9400 processor, along with a 120GB hard drive and 4GB of DDR3 (double data rate 3) memory, and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD.

The GD8000 has a 13.3-inch screen and weighs 6.9 pounds in its basic configuration; pricing begins at $3,800.