Xerox Releases Mobile Print Solution

Mobile Print Solution users can print from e-mail-enabled devices without having to download drivers or applications.

Printer manufacturer Xerox announced the release of Mobile Print Solution, which offers tools that make it possible to print regardless of location. The solution allows businesses to securely print e-mails, presentations and other business documents from any smart phone or e-mail-enabled device. Enhanced Mobile Express and Global Print Drivers tell workers what printers are available to their laptop for printing options for the roaming workforce. The Mobile Express and Global Print Drivers are free and currently available for download via the company's Website.

Mobile Print Solution allows users to print from e-mail-enabled devices without having to download drivers or applications. Users e-mail the file in its original format, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, to a secure server. A confirmation code is then e-mailed to the user to securely release the document for printing from any Xerox Extensible Interface Platform-enabled multifunction printer (MFP).

The Mobile Print Solution runs on a company's private server to maintain compliance with the existing security infrastructure and preserves all formatting and data when printing Microsoft Office documents, offers full preview of the document on the MFP's user interface before printing and provides the same print settings such as duplex, color and finishing options that are available to users on a desktop.

The updated drivers eliminate the need for IT departments to install new drivers to support full functionality on current and future Xerox products, provides access to the latest set of features on Xerox printers and MFPs such as Color by Words, which displays simple words to select colors such as "red apple" or "blue sky", helps workers identify print jobs in workgroups without banner pages by automatically including user and job information in the unused page margin eliminating wasted pages and offers Earth Smart print driver defaults that can be set to include two-sided printing, proof print, recycled paper and draft mode.

"No two mobile workers are the same - from the executive reviewing a presentation on his phone en route to a staff meeting to the NYC-based employee working at Paris headquarters - but all need an easy and secure way to print," said Rick Dastin, president of Xerox's enterprise business group. "Our approach delivers simplicity for any location, helping mobile workers focus more on their business and less on how to print."

With the new Global Print Driver, IT administrators can also "push" driver settings out to employees on the network, such as duplex printing as a default, without having to reinstall the entire driver. Mobile Print Solution will be available for early customer installs beginning in the fourth quarter, with general worldwide availability in early 2011, a company release stated.