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AMD To Ax 2,300, Close Two Facilities

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said today it will lay off 2,300 workers and close two facilities in Austin, Texas.

The Buzz: September 24, 2001

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, Microsoft and Cisco last week led an effort to create an umbrella Web site to connect those organizations with people who want to help.

The Need for Speed Is Still Prevalent

Almost every year, the same myopic visionaries pop out of the woodwork to announce that processors don't need to be faster.

Back on Merger Stump

Carly Fiorina pitches HP's buyout of Compaq, despite growing criticism.

Anonymous Surfing Service Gets Eighty-Sixed

Users of Safeweb's free triangle boy service are accustomed to surfing the Web anonymously, but in the latest flare-up between enterprises that want to limit users' access to online content and advocates of an unrestricted Net, a Web filtering company now

GAO: Federal Computer Security Poor

Federal computer systems remain wide open to malicious attacks and unauthorized entries, a new study from the General Accounting Office said.

HP-Compaq: State of Confusion

The most appropriate icon for the proposed combination of Hewlett-Packard and Compaq might well be the Hindu god Shiva, multiarmed symbol of destruction and rebirth.

You Cant Run From Your Roots

Every industry has its share of falling stock prices and earnings warnings, but you can always smell blood in the computer and Internet markets when companies suddenly start shunning certain words or terms that have come to be associated with outright fai

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