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Daily Tech Briefing Oct. 11, 2018

Microsoft Upgrades Surface Line With More Powerful Machines VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Microsoft shakes up its Surface laptops with more powerful models, and KnowBe4 boosts security awareness training with Virtual Risk Officer.

Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure Is Gaining Trend Strength

eWEEK DATA POINTS: HCI offers a compelling solution for complex IT environments, and enterprises that were early adopters of the technology have taken its potential to the bank.

A Chip Off the Old Computer

NEWS ANALYSIS: Today’s big threat, an elaborate Chinese plot to insert malware into a chip onto the motherboards of some servers, is only part of the story.
Xilinx chip

Xilinx Puts FPGAs Into Accelerator Cards for Data Centers

The new Alveo products will help organizations embrace programmable chips for such workloads as machine learning inference and data analytics.
Xilinx Versal

Xilinx Unveils Versal for AI Workload Acceleration

At its XDF event, the FPGA maker debuted the first products from its Everest project for creating a heterogeneous acceleration platform.

Intel Plans Strategy for Meeting Demand for PC, Server Chips

A resurgent PC market is putting pressure on the chip maker's manufacturing capabilities, but the interim CEO says the company will hit its revenue goals.

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Gaining a Business Following

PRODUCT REVIEW: Once you get used to using it, Samsung's S pen becomes a truly important part of the user experience, or UX, as it’s commonly called. A bonus is that the integrated tylus includes Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity to add a wider range of on-screen presentation and creativity...

New Russian Malware Can Embed Itself in PC Firmware

The new malware is called LoJax because it infiltrates a computer’s firmware in a manner similar to the popular LoJack security software.
Michael Dell

Why Dell Is Reportedly Reconsidering Another IPO

NEWS ANALYSIS: Company officials are talking about going public through an IPO after hedge funds balk at a proposal to buy tracking stock tied to VMware, reports say.

Why the iPhone XS Is More Than a Minor Upgrade

PRODUCT REVIEW: The iPhone X was a good phone for business. The iPhone XS and XS Max are even better.

Eight New Technologies That Are Changing Video Production

Technologies that are transforming data centers in other sectors are enabling television and video teams to produce, edit, finish and deliver clearer, crisper and more lifelike content faster and at lower cost.

Product Test and Review: Puget Systems Workstation

PRODUCT TEST AND REVIEW: This is bespoke computing at its best as Puget Systems works to design exactly the right workstation for your professional computing needs.

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