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Bing Beefs Up for Tax Time, Boosts Search Quality, Security

Microsoft rolls out new resources to help taxpayers get squared away with Uncle Sam and avoid scams.

Google Updates YouTube to Help Users Find Content More Easily

With the newly redesigned YouTube home page, your playlists should now be easier to find and use from anywhere.

Microsoft's Cortana Voice Assistant to Bump Bing on Windows Phone 8.1

The company's voice assistant technology is expected to supplant Windows Phone's built-in Bing search when the 8.1 update arrives.

Yahoo Gifts Carnegie Mellon $10 Million to Create a Siri Crusher

Yahoo has given Carnegie Mellon researchers $10 million and access its real-time services, in hopes they’ll create the ultimate mobile assistant.

Microsoft: Bing's Chinese Search Results Not Censored Beyond China

The software giant responds to allegations that its Bing search engine delivers censored Chinese language results to users outside of China.

Google Fiber Only Comes to Cities That Have Done Their Homework

So far, Google Fiber is in only few U.S cities and towns, including Kansas City, Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. To get Google to consider your town, you have to do your homework, says one expert.

Google Updates Search Appliance to Help Companies Find Info Fast

Improvements to the Google Search Appliance include deeper and quicker search of huge databases of business documents and other information.

Google Holding 'Doodle 4 Google' Contest for K-12 Students

The winning entrant will have his or her doodle displayed on Google's home page for a day and win a $30,000 college scholarship.
antitrust settlement

Google, EU Reach Apparent Settlement in Antitrust Cases

The settlement between Google and the European Union ends an antitrust investigation that has spanned more than three years.
Sochi Olympics

Google Street View Expands Russia Coverage in Time for Sochi Olympics

As the 2014 Olympic Winter Games are set to begin, Google Street View has added a wide swath of imagery for cities and towns in the host country of Russia.

Google Rides Ads, Apps to $17 Billion Revenue Quarter

Most of this success is based on continued good news in terms of its bread-and-butter business--attracting eyeballs for advertising purposes.

Yahoo Turns In Mixed-Bag Q4, Yearly Earnings Reports

Net income was up for the quarter and the year, but an overall income slide proves worrisome for investors as Yahoo stock takes a hit.

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