8 Security Products That Made News at RSA Conference 2018

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8 Security Products That Made News at RSA Conference 2018

The annual RSA Conference in San Francisco filled the North, South and West buildings of the Moscone Center from April 16-20. While keynotes and sessions are a large part of the conference, so too are product announcements. And with such a large event, there was no shortage of product news at this year’s conference. Among the companies making product announcements at the 2018 RSA Conference was IBM, which announced new orchestration capabilities for its Resilient Incident Response Platform. Email-based attacks are an ongoing challenge for many organizations, and to that end, Barracuda announced an effort to help track users’ resistance to phishing. In this slide show eWEEK takes a look at some of the products that made news at the RSA Conference.

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Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Programs

At the RSA Conference, Barracuda announced PhishLine Levelized Programs, an effort to measure user resistance to phishing attacks. "As phishing attacks have grown stealthier and more sophisticated, awareness training and simulation have proven invaluable in conditioning employees as a line of defense," Hatem Naguib, senior vice president and general manager of security at Barracuda, stated. "But the effectiveness of these solutions has hit a ceiling, inhibited by 'click rate fatigue'—overreliance on a problematic metric. Levelized Programs, the industry’s first click rate alternative, accelerates the learning process by showcasing improvement—focusing on the positive, and not the negative."

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Fidelis Elevate

Fidelis rolled out an update of its Elevate platform, adding new cyber-deception capabilities and improved detection and analysis features. "Our latest release gives customers the ability to protect their cloud assets through a deception defense that constantly monitors traffic and can automatically suggest matching decoys for the organization’s assets as the network changes," Tim Roddy, vice president of cyber-security product strategy for Fidelis, stated.

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Trend Micro Writing Style DNA

Trend Micro announced at the RSA Conference its new Writing Style DNA capability, which uses machine learning techniques to help reduce email fraud and business email compromise (BEC) attacks. "The future threat landscape requires AI-powered protection that leverages expert rules and machine learning," Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro, said.

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VMware AppDefense

VMware announced that it is extending its AppDefense application security technology to now also include containers. "The AppDefense value proposition of providing foundational security for data center applications has resonated with customers," Tom Corn, senior vice president of security products at VMware, stated. "They want to apply AppDefense across the enterprise—which includes workloads running on VMware vSphere as well as container runtime platforms."

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Forcepoint Dynamic Data Protection

Forcepoint unveiled its new Dynamic Data Protection effort at the RSA Conference, providing what it calls a risk-based approach to automatically provide the appropriate level of enforcement.

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Tripwire Cloud Management Assessor

Tripwire announced new capabilities for its Cloud Management Assessor offering at the RSA Conference. The enhanced features include File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) capabilities to help with the challenge of publicly exposed data in the cloud. "We've expanded our capabilities to help organizations keep their cloud environments properly configured and prevent inadvertent exposure of their data," said Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire.

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GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

GuardiCore unveiled new capabilities for its Centra Security Platform to help secure container deployments. "Applying the innovative capabilities of our platform to address specific security challenges presented by containers, GuardiCore provides the visibility and scalability enterprises and service providers need to enforce security controls, solve compliance challenges, detect, investigate and contain threats," Pavel Gurvich, co-founder and CEO of GuardiCore, stated.

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IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform

IBM announced at the conference improvements to its Resilient Incident Response Platform, including new intelligent orchestration capabilities. "Companies have an opportunity with breakthroughs like AI for active threat management and Intelligent Orchestration to rewire incident response procedures for the age of intelligence," said Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager of IBM Security.

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