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Security Hosting on the Rise

Still, managed security service providers and network management firms said they have seen a substantial increase in interest in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Inquiries about security services continue to increase. We are definitely seeing an upswing," said Kathleen Ryan, spokeswoman of IBM Global Services. Big Blues services arm had significant success in outsourcing this year, signing more than $1 billion in Web hosting contracts since Jan. 1. The company has also launched a fleet of new security-related services, including firewall construction and management, intrusion detection, virus alert monitoring and ongoing security checks.

The recent Code Red and Nimda worms have also accelerated interest in outsourcing hosting and security, Ryan said. "If you are self-hosting and you get hit with a virus attack, you have to handle it yourself."

Node Com, a real estate firm that specializes in data centers and telecom hotels, said it also has seen a dramatic up-tick in interest, which it attributes to a widespread realization among I-managers that the best way to protect themselves against disasters like the destruction of the World Trade Center is by spreading their resources among locations.

But as more companies move equipment off-premises, that will likely lead to increased need for managed security services and remote network management, said Chuck Adams, security general manager of remote network management services provider NetSolve.

"This isnt science fiction anymore," Adams said. "Companies cant deny any longer that they need to employ diligent management practices to handle significant business risks" that come from security-related issues.