McAfee Updates Enterprise Security Package

The company ships its latest threat prevention software for large businesses, adding new behavior-monitoring tools, rootkit defense and NAC support.

McAfee launched its latest enterprise threat protection software on Dec. 4, adding new tools for fighting sophisticated malware and integrating with NAC systems.

With the introduction of McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise 2.0, the company is aiming to help large businesses battle complex, well-hidden threats such as rootkits. The package includes updated versions of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise and McAfee Policy Enforcer NAC (network access control).

VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i and AntiSpyware 8.5 boast more advanced and active protection from viruses, worms, spyware and adware, the company said. Among the new capabilities in AntiSpyware 8.5 are enhanced behavior-monitoring technology for blocking unknown or new modifications made by unwanted programs and virus-detection tools for identifying stealthy malware strains such as rootkits that disguise and hide themselves on users PCs. McAfee is also touting the softwares expanded self-protection features, which work to prevent malicious programs from disabling security applications.

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"Were hearing from enterprises that are struggling to deal with viruses such as rootkits that hide from traditional security technologies and do a lot of harm to the desktop," said Kevin LeBlanc, group product marketing manager for the Systems Security unit at McAfee, in Santa Clara, Calif. "By adding more behavioral tools were offering much better capacity for companies to detect and remediate this sophisticated malware that is finding a way around all these other security systems."

McAfee has also made a significant effort to build out the products NAC features, which include the security specialists Policy Enforcer server, Policy Enforcer sensor and Policy Enforcer scanner programs, all of which integrate with its ePolicy Orchestrator management software. Used together, the system offers businesses a centralized way to thwart network intrusions and virus outbreaks, McAfee officials said.

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The Policy Enforcer 2.0 feature also adds support for Ciscos Network Admission Control technologies. Network Admission Control tools utilize network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on PCs, servers and mobile devices while restricting network access for devices that fail to meet security policies.

"Organizations are struggling with way to make anti-virus work with host intrusion protection systems and NAC in a unified fashion," LeBlanc said. "They dont want to be forced to deal with separate management consoles in the case of an outbreak, so were bringing everything together into a unified format with a single interface."

The package includes McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise, which aims to help companies to control access to online content by allowing them to block access to chosen URLs and inform users of Web sites perceived safety by giving each Web page a graphical rating of red, yellow or green, based on its overall security standing. SiteAdvisor Enterprise also promises to protect users against spyware infections, identity theft scams and Web sites that generate unwanted spam e-mail.

McAfee Total Protection for Enterprise 2.0 is available now. Pricing depends on the number of years and the number of servers the business wants to be protected.

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